Adding to a good team

Posted: Friday, March 15, 2002

We are writing to comment on the recent article in the Empire regarding paramedics and our fire department. Both of us, as well as our firefighter-medics, are pleased with the positive response of our city Assembly members in working toward increasing the number of skilled paramedics in the fire department, and we thank the Assembly for its support. We feel this will greatly enhance the pre-hospital care provided in Juneau and Southeast Alaska.

We would, however, like to add some important information that was inadvertently left out of the article. Our fire department has a number of skilled and dedicated firefighter emergency medical technicians (EMTs). These individuals have been providing competent advanced life support ambulance service to the community of Juneau for many years. This service and the care it has provided to thousands of individuals in need have been invaluable.

Adding more paramedics to our force of pre-hospital providers is certainly the right direction for our community. At the same time, we applaud our current and past medic-firefighters and the excellent care we have received from them over the years.

Ken Brown, M.D., Physician Advisor

Mike Doyle, Fire Chief

Capital City Fire and Rescue

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