Stand up for the future

Posted: Monday, March 15, 2004

Our legislators and the governor continue their push to grab more money, with no real cuts proposed to the bureaucracy. They've cut the longevity program and created new taxes, calling them user fees. They're proposing a new system of management for the permanent fund called POMV, percent of market value. Through this system, they'll raid the permanent fund but they won't say "raid;" they call it "smart management."

What they're doing is taking away from the many and giving to the few. They're squandering Alaska's future. If Alaskans continue to be silent, we will lose more and more.

Our state currently spends three times the national average for state government. While the bureaucrats push for more, they can't explain how this level of spending can continue. If they take the permanent fund and increase taxes on everyone, we'll still be out of money in the near future. The state will then finally be forced to cut spending, when we're out of money and options. Can we afford wait until our last dime is spent?

Visit "Alaskans to Recall Murkowski" at Send a strong message by signing the petition to recall the governor. Visit "Alaskans, Just Say No" at Sign up there to protect our permanent fund.

For Alaska's future, stand up now before its too late.

Ed Martin Sr.

Cooper Landing

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