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Posted: Monday, March 15, 2004

So, is the city of Juneau going to sue the state for not having an open public debate about moving the ferry system offices to Ketchikan? They say this move of the ferry system offices to Ketchikan will save money. No one has mentioned the costs of the move to Ketchikan. Why has a law suit not been filed yet? The state cannot do what they are doing to this city without an open public debate.

It is obvious that the state is talking about moving other state offices as well to Ketchikan. If this can be done without an open public debate or vote, what's next? Can the state move the legislative offices to Anchorage for the sake of cost savings without an open public meeting or debate? This is a dangerous public policy the governor's office is setting that circumvents public debate. A public debate on this matter would most likely conclude that the costs of moving the ferry system offices to Ketchikan are not only a lot more expensive than stated by the governor's office, but even more costly to the city of Juneau in economic terms and in personal costs of uprooting employees' lives. The public should demand that the state honor its open public meeting laws on this move.

Thoam Baxter


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