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Posted: Monday, March 15, 2004

In the Empire on March 9, a Hayden Kaden of Gustavus made some allegations concerning statements made by Alaska Forest Association Director Owen Graham. Since Mr. Graham is more than capable of defending himself when he has the time to do so, I will not dignify the allegation purporting Mr. Graham is a liar. However, since we are in the business of purchasing timber and know a bit about the economics of it, I would like to put to rest the statements concerning lack of interest in the Couverden Timber.

Having lived at Couverden from 1989 to 1992, I can even confess to having some local knowledge of the area. I also know a little bit about the appeals that the "ordinary people" (notably backed by massive multinational environmental extortion groups) file; however in order to keep it simple, I will not go there either. The purpose of this letter is merely to state that our company would have an interest in a sale at Couverden if Ketchikan is able to get the veneer mill running as that area has an ideal timber type for that mill. The reason we need sales like this is so that an unfortunate set of circumstances in the industry does not cause its total demise. We realize there are people in Gustavus who feel that millions of acres of wilderness all around them is not enough, but what's new?

Brian Brown

Alcan Forest Products

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