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Posted: Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Historically, continuously fighting war bankrupts and collapses a nation, except when fighting wars of conquest, where war booty and tribute can fund war with randy soldiers gradually repopulating places and armies with legitimate and bastard progeny. But this isn't too popular either.

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History also shows that just military deployment can't keep up with humanity, since it's impossible to manage political control with mere force and threats of death. This was, for example, shown clearly in the reconstruction of Germany and Japan after World War II. Consequently, having our military attempting to bring democracy and civic cooperation to Iraq is ludicrous. It's ludicrous, because our military is, by necessity, strictly indoctrinated in authoritarian government through command chains. In other words, our military isn't trained to establish civil freedom because they sacrifice practicing it themselves in order to be effective warriors. Ironically, military personnel who naturally can do so become, under military discipline, insubordinate trouble-makers. Being nannies for political romper rooms can't be the military's job.

Therefore, if government big-shots really want to bring Iraq and terrorism under control, they'd start using America's greatest weapon. As real leaders, they would mobilize and assist all America and Iraq to execute one simple program. Sets of 100 or more America families/citizens would simultaneously write each Iraqi family/citizen. Americans would ask what we personally - not our government - could do to best help them. We'd get tax credits and transport for our individual responses to these consequently real requests. Since the power of terrorists and fanatics depend utterly on irresponsible inhumanity, selfishness and injustice between peoples attempts to pervert, this remedy will fail. Indeed, this is a critical ingredient for suppression of the terrorism and cultural conflicts that every generation of "angry young men" practice.

The only way this could be blocked is people in power jealously denying citizens the freedom to solve problems their governments are failing at. So then, fellow citizens: Have you suffered enough from incompetent management of foreign relations and war?

Stuart Thompson


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