SEACC, Outside money having a negative effect

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, March 15, 2007

I find it hard to believe the effect the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council and the large sum of money being funneled into Juneau from Outside has on our residents.

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There are a number of hard-core environmentalists in Juneau, but most people following SEACC have been fooled into believing that any progress in the area would devastate the ecosystem and should be avoided at all cost.

Our fellow Alaskans to the north and our legislators here in town are watching our choices very closely. If a capital-move issue comes before the people, it could be far more devastating than any threat to the ecosystem. We cannot sit here and deny our fellow Alaskans low-cost road access to their capital and expect them to be supportive on a capital move.

We also should not be fighting the $30- to $40-an-hour jobs that the Kensington Mine brings to the Juneau area. These jobs will help stabilize and diversify our economy.

I hope people following SEACC won't cry foul and point fingers at fellow Alaskans when the capital is moved. This group and their bag of money will move on to save another city, and the people of Juneau will be left to sort out our problems in the aftermath.

During the 45 years I have lived in Juneau, I have grown to like it very much. I would hate to have to move away because of some bad choices influenced by a group of people with a bag full of money.

Dick Dau


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