An apology to the city

Posted: Thursday, March 16, 2000

Regarding my letter that appeared in Sunday's paper.

I misunderstood the health and social services' budget and the recent renovations to the building in which the Mental Health Division currently resides. The renovation funding did not come from their budget, but from a citywide capital improvement budget. And the building design was not redesigned, it was split into several different contracts.

Unfortunately, I learned this after my letter to the editor was already sent. I was respectfully corrected at one of the assembly meetings in which I apologized and accepted the clarification graciously. Since I also expressed concerns via our local paper, it is only right to apologize in this column.

My intent was most certainly not malicious but rather personal concern from a very limited perspective. I did not have facts before I expressed my opinion. For anyone I may have hurt, please accept my apology. It is heartfelt.

The rest of my opinion stands.

Rena Balzer

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