Word of Mouth is a community asset

Posted: Thursday, March 16, 2000

I'm writing this letter in response to all the flack about Word of Mouth.

What happened to freedom of speech? Not everyone is able to, or has the time to write a letter to the editor about every issue they want to make a comment on, nor should they have to.

As a lifetime Juneauite, I personally think that Word of Mouth is an asset to our community. It allows people to freely speak their mind without consequence. It doesn't matter if everyone agrees, or disagrees, with what you have to say, you should be able to say it anyway. This is why we live in America. If someone is misinformed about an issue and calls in with a blatantly wrong idea of what is going on, another always takes the time to call in and correct the situation.

What I'm trying to impress upon the folks with whom I share my hometown is not to let a few closed-minded people ruin your opportunity to express your thoughts. Many other issues in Juneau are so much more important than this one, let's put our energies toward those. Keep Word of Mouth.

Lynn Coffee

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