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Posted: Thursday, March 16, 2000

I was in the lunch room at DZ with my child yesterday. Students were walking down the middle of lunch tables, having gummy bear fights, throwing food and trash, and walking away from the mess. There was little supervisory staff and they were visiting with each other. A janitor asked some students to pick up their trash; he was treated disrespectfully and cursed at. What's the point of new schools and technology if we don't teach students respect? If you have a student at DZ, you should check it out for yourself.

I am not a flight-seeing critic, but I am deeply offended by Tom Garrett's My Turn. I think he has demonstrated, once again, that he is the representative for the tourism industry.

Mr. Garrett's troubled marriage analogy was interesting, but miscast the problem terribly. What we have, in the tone of Mr. Garrett's analogy, is a classic abusive marriage. Where the abusive spouse (helicopter operators) promises to do better next time, but never quite makes the sacrifices to do so. The citizens who are complaining are simply refusing to enable the abuser any longer. We still want a divorce.

I admire British Columbia's gutsy final admission that their fast ferries were a huge mistake. What planet did our own public officials step off of? Can't they learn from this? They are so busy doggedly pursuing their own ill-conceived plans.

The only thing British Columbia's fast ferry fiasco proves is Alaska needs to show them how to do it right.

In response to the woman with the cat, while your cat was outside it ran across the road, endangering itself and drivers. It also killed a few small birds, pooped in the neighbor's garden and was exposed to numerous diseases from stray cats. If you love your cat, keep it indoors.

(Three other callers expressed similar views.)

Shooting wolves from snowmachines? What's next, commercially fenced hunting reserves like 22 other states? No wolves, no bears, no work. Just a a killing field.

It is the responsibility of the Legislature and lawmakers to make sure that regulations are being followed by all Native corporations. Currently, I don't believe this is being done. Shareholders need to call their legislators and tell them of their experiences within their corporations.

``Cathy'' is a terrible role model for women. All she does is act out negative stereotypes like dieting and shopping.

Speaking of bad cartoons, has anyone noticed that ``Garfield'' just isn't funny?

Regarding state budget cuts, why are employees that are only busy during legislative session full-time employees? They should be part-time.

I'd like to thank the person who called about not taking the cost of gas out on gas station attendants. We do have to pay the same price as everybody else and we certainly don't set the price.

I'm actually glad about the high price of gas. Americans are way to dependent on cars for travel. It's time for us to focus on public transportation which is cheaper and more efficient. The rest of the world pays almost four times as much for fuel as we do. It's time for us to stop being so greedy.

Thank you to the airport shuttle service. I really appreciate their fares and the service they are providing to Juneau.

Please obey the speed limits on the side streets in the valley. There are children playing on these roads.

What this town really needs is a gay bar.

I'd like to know if anyone reads the Empire's bridge section. It seems like a waste of space to me.

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