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Posted: Friday, March 16, 2001

You can often tell who your friends and neighbors are by their actions.

This letter is written to thank Coeur Alaska for consistently being good friends and neighbors to the Juneau-Douglas High School National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) teams over the past 3 years.

By sponsoring JDHS NOSB, Coeur has allowed young scientists to devote their vital energy to pursuing academic excellence instead of pursuing the dollars needed to travel and present their research.

Coeur has also offered the support of its team of science professionals to JDHS students seeking mentoring and assistance with their scientific research.

With friends and neighbors like Coeur, it is no wonder Juneau has been able to send the JDHS NOSB team Tsunami to state and national competition for the past 3 years. We feel Coeur's generosity further demonstrates its commitment to community education and to better science. On behalf of the 32 JDHS students on the 7 NOSB teams that Coeur Alaska has sponsored since 1999, thank you!

2001 JDHS Team Tsunami:

Wesley Brooks

Breanne Rohm

Cal Craig

Jeffery Fanning

Clay Good (coach)

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