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Posted: Friday, March 16, 2001

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So now calling the Empire, the police, the FBI or Crime Line and offering anonymous information makes a person a Nazi rather than a concerned American citizen? Why do some people correlate another person's desire for anonymity with committing random harmful acts rather than recognizing and honoring it as a personal right to privacy?

Bob Croteau

To the people so concerned about the upcoming tourist season, more importantly the helicopters, grow up. The helicopters have been here a lot longer than the people whining about them. If it's peace and quiet you want, move to the back side of Douglas, or would a floating boat disturb your peace?

Jake Kent

I would like to encourage everyone to call the governor and their legislators to strongly encourage hate crime legislation being enacted so that horrible crimes like the paintball attacks on Natives in Anchorage can be stopped and have stronger punishment. Another step we can take to discourage an attitude of racism and hate that we see so often in our communities is to not laugh at the racist jokes we hear, not make comments negatively about people who receive dividends from Tlingit and Haida or the alcohol problem in the Native community. It's the little comments that we say and that we ignore when our friends say them that help lead to this attitude of racism and hate that our children pick up on.

Natasha Nalan

I'm beginning to wonder about our state and city hiring practices. I have a recent college degree, a decent resume and great personal and professional references. I have applied for five entry level-type jobs and have not been called for a single interview. I've heard these jobs are really filled by friends or relatives even before they are listed and that the state has application-screeners who have little or no knowledge of the job being advertised so that if you don't include a list of preselected official words, your application may be tossed regardless of your skills and the quality of your interest and resume.

Cory Heimbuch

Air traffic controller John Newell has given us a very entertaining My Turn column but he should remember that many people built or bought their homes in Juneau well before there were helicopters.

Margo Waring

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