Juneau seafood restaurant gets fresh look with new ownership
The owners of Marlintini's Lounge bought the Fisherman's Wharf restaurant in Merchants Wharf in February, and plan to open the remodeled restaurant in April.

New resource in area
JUNEAU - The U.S. Small Business Administration has opened an office in Juneau.

Teach compassion, not contempt
I strongly feel that racism, in most cases, is taught and nurtured in our homes from birth. Many adults don't realize, or at times don't care, that the things they say or don't say (such as judgmental, unnecessary comments that put down others) have a profound impact on the children they are raising.

Logging is coming to Juneau
When it comes to timber sales, Juneau has been lucky among Southeast Alaskan communities. Unlike other Southeast communities, we aren't imminently threatened by clearcuts within sight of downtown and we haven't had to deal with the effects (positive and negative) of logging over the last 50 years.

Payout dividend fine, but save for the kids
I am all for the payout but I think the state should hold all the kids' PFD's for the simple fact that most of the parents would spend their children's money.

Operate openly
So, is the city of Juneau going to sue the state for not having an open public debate about moving the ferry system offices to Ketchikan? They say this move of the ferry system offices to Ketchikan will save money.

Compromise for parking
In her March 8 letter to the editor, Lorali Carter demonstrates that she understands that Juneau does not need a fancy new building with a dome for legislative offices.

What has been good for the goosing ...
As of late, Ketchikan Alaska Marine Highway System shipboard personnel have been bounced from pillar to post. Bartlett was sold on EBay. How insulting was that? The Aurora is going to be transferred to Prince Williams Sound, disrupting many families here in Ketchikan. Now operations is going to lay up the Taku this summer for whatever reason.

Drop pants for drug test
While I'm away at school I like to keep up with the events going on in Juneau by reading the paper online, specifically the letters to the editor. I have been a little annoyed with Linda Orr's tirade on drug testing.

Not cynical, but realistic; monied votes count
I am a firm believer that the only way a vote counts is if you have money to back your vote.

Industry needs timber
In the Empire on March 9, a Hayden Kaden of Gustavus made some allegations concerning statements made by Alaska Forest Association Director Owen Graham. Since Mr. Graham is more than capable of defending himself when he has the time to do so, I will not dignify the allegation purporting Mr. Graham is a liar.

Absurdity in game management
"We don't care how they do it Outside" is the oft-heard phrase among self-righteous Alaskans. Yet the Alaska Board of Game has authorized the killing of moose calves because, after all, they hunt deer fawns in the Lower 48.

Ketchikan shares blame
I was struck by the mayor's concern that he not offend Ketchikan by placing any blame on them for their part in the non-public discussion that led to the move.

Stand up for the future
Our legislators and the governor continue their push to grab more money, with no real cuts proposed to the bureaucracy. They've cut the longevity program and created new taxes, calling them user fees. They're proposing a new system of management for the permanent fund called POMV, percent of market value.

Ways to remain a quaint little town
This letter is in response to Cal C. Giordano's "Juneau is a sinking ship" letter on March 11. Is Juneau really a "sinking ship" or is Juneau rather more like a "submarine that doesn't work?

Clean up after dogs
If there were any justice in this world, it would be dog owners and members of their families who track doggy do-do into their own houses and cars.

How others view us
It's interesting to read how others see us, especially when they and their intended audience are far away. In this case, the author is Kathy Montgomery,

Government has no duty to offer checks
I would like to express my gratitude to Governor Murkowski and his administration for trying to create some fiscal sanity in a very difficult and hostile environment, especially in Juneau.

Home for the fast ferry
Work progresses on the berth that will accommodate the Fairweather, a new, 235-foot fast ferry.

Police & Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Around Town
Today:Low Impact Exercise, 10 a.m., Juneau Senior Center and Valley Senior Center. Details: 463-6175.

Police & Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Around Town
Today: Valley Toastmasters meeting, 6:10 a.m. every Tuesday, Henry's Restaurant. Public invited. Details: Jim, 789-3074.

Local youth honored for his spirit
David Marshall, a Juneau-Douglas High School sophomore, likes bowling and basketball. Not a big deal, you might think. But volunteering at Channel Bowl before being given a job there and playing basketball with adults before school earned him a Spirit of Youth Award.

Trial for Angoon murder postponed
A Juneau judge reluctantly delayed the trial of the woman accused of killing Richard "Buddy" George Jr. last summer in Angoon.

Convenience store proposal moves ahead
The Juneau Assembly has advanced an ordinance that would increase the size of convenience stores in residential neighborhoods, despite opposition by some residents who fear it will lead to increased alcohol sales.

Photo: Getting his goat
Tenzing Briggs, 5, shows his father, Bob, mountain goats on the side of Bullard Mountain, at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center on Sunday.

Proposal gives board members one more term
Members of city boards and commissions would be allowed to serve one more term before being ousted by term limits, according to a new Juneau Assembly proposal.

City: Fluoride was cut off to clean effluent
The Juneau Public Works Department acknowledges it stopped adding fluoride to public drinking water months ago without telling local doctors and dentists, some of whom want it back immediately.

My Turn: A JDHS senior's perspective on mass hysteria, racism and newspaper bias
Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about racism - in the newspaper, in class, on the announcements and on the Juneau-Douglas High School walls even.

Ketchikan welcomes move of ferry HQ
This editorial appeared in the March 10 Ketchikan Daily News:

My Turn: Juneau gets nothing from Berners Bay land trade
Let's face it: No one lives in Juneau for the shopping. We don't stick around because Alaska's capital city boasts a world-class ballet or four-star restaurants or trendy nightclubs. We live here because we are mere steps away from Alaska's unsurpassed wilderness. In short, we live here because of places like Berners Bay.

Cavs edge Pacers for sixth consecutive win
CLEVELAND - LeBron James slipped on an orange No. 23 Cavaliers' throwback jersey - his own.

Seavey, Backen battle at front of Iditarod pack
KOYUK - Norway's Kjetil Backen tried to snatch the lead Monday from Mitch Seavey in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race with both racers leaving the Koyuk checkpoint seconds apart.

State basketball tournament
The Juneau-Douglas High School girls basketball team will have to beat the defending champions if the Crimson Bears are going to win the Class 4A state tournament this weekend.

Region V Tournament Scores
Region V tournament scores

Region V Tournament awards
Tournament awards

Five Juneau hoops players win All-Region honors at tourney
Five Juneau-Douglas High School basketball players were named to the All-Region V-Class 4A Teams on Saturday night at the region tourney in Sitka.

Sports in Juneau
UPCOMING EVENTS: Eaglecrest Ski Area - UAS Winter Games: This event is open to the general public with pre-registration.

Sports in Juneau
NEW CALENDAR ITEMS: • 2004 Herb Jaenicke Memorial Badminton Tournament - This tournament takes place Friday through Sunday, March 26-28, at the Mendenhall Valley location of JRC-The Racquet Club.

Depleted Haines hoops team perseveres
The Haines girls basketball team finished with an 0-2 record at last weekend's Region V Tournament and wound up 4-16 for the season.

Boulding zips into race lead
UNALAKLEET, Alaska - Charlie Boulding took the lead Sunday in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race by spending just four minutes in the checkpoint here before getting back on the trail.

Northwest Digest
Wire reports

Clockmaker makes them big - to the smallest detail
SOLDOTNA - To say George Callison is detail-oriented is an understatement. Callison is a wood carver and has created immense and elaborate wood clocks in the shapes of fanciful multilevel buildings several feet high, complete with soaring bell towers and spires, intricate miniature hand railings and working doors with tiny hinges and even smaller knobs.

This Day in History
In Alaska: • In 1901, the Alaska Electric Light & Power Company at Juneau was incorporated.

Senate debates permanent fund changes
The Senate Finance Committee heard testimony from officials of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corp. Monday on a plan that would change the way the fund is managed.

This Day in History
In Alaska: In 1901, the town of Treadwell was incorporated. It was later disincorporated in 1912.

Ketchikan OKs funds for new marine highway headquarters
KETCHIKAN - The Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly voted unanimously Monday night to approve a $500,000 supplemental appropriation to renovate the Ketchikan Pulp Co. administration building at Ward Cove.

Legislators eye limits on awards to injured patients
When Kathy Dale's 56-year-old husband, Gene, came out of shoulder surgery on May 18, 2000, she says, he was not the same man she'd taken in that morning.

Too close to call
Norwegian musher Kjetil Backen, left, drives his dog team Monday across the ice near the Koyuk checkpoint of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, snatching the lead from Seward musher Mitch Seavey.

Residents speak out against state use of dividend
FAIRBANKS - An organization opposed to using any portion of the Alaska Permanent Fund to close the state's chronic budget deficit held a town meeting here.

Japanese champion ice carver tackles Fairbanks competition
FAIRBANKS - In the summer, Junichi Nakamura works as a farmer growing potatoes, sugar beets and wheat on the large northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.

Fairbanks borough's new liquor tax is judged legal
FAIRBANKS - A Superior Court judge has ruled the Fairbanks North Star Borough's new 5 percent alcohol tax is legal, quashing an effort to kill it.

Alaska Digest
staff and Wire reports

Dog on break with fans
Villagers gather around Mitch Seavey's dogs after the Seward musher arrived at the checkpoint in Unalakleet on Sunday during the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

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