Teach compassion, not contempt

Posted: Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I strongly feel that racism, in most cases, is taught and nurtured in our homes from birth. Many adults don't realize, or at times don't care, that the things they say or don't say (such as judgmental, unnecessary comments that put down others) have a profound impact on the children they are raising.

As I have watched young children at play, never have I seen them squabble about ethnic origins; their differences are generally over a toy, book, or piece of candy. Racism is something that starts clouding their minds and tainting their hearts as they grow older. By the time they are in school, the young people who were raise in a racist environment begin to mimic the attitude and ideas taught in their homes by their elders. This same attitude is often carried by the youth as they mature, and it remains with them throughout their adult life - even to the point of raising their children in the same manner. Thus, the cycle of racism is repeated down through many generations.

Until we are all willing to teach our children compassion and understanding towards other people, rather than resentment and contempt, we will continue to have these racial problems.

Royal T. Hill


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