Ketchikan shares blame

Posted: Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I was struck by the mayor's concern that he not offend Ketchikan by placing any blame on them for their part in the non-public discussion that led to the move. It's a shame that the leaders in Ketchikan didn't deserve it. The fact that Ketchikan and the state were discussing something that would affect Juneau not in the open and without Juneau's knowledge casts suspicion on the claim that the move is benefical to the state.

If moving the ferry headquarters is an important priority of the state, why wasn't the process done in the light of day? Why didn't the governor write his letter to the Empire before instead of after? And why didn't the public officals of Ketchikan at least talk to Juneau?

The Juneau mayor not wanting to divide the region is honorable but, if there is division, Ketchikan deserves to share the blame because they were a party to the process that led to the move. At this point the move, good or bad, will always have a veil of suspicion around it because of the very poor way the whole process was handled.

John Mielke


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