Ways to remain a quaint little town

Posted: Tuesday, March 16, 2004

This letter is in response to Cal C. Giordano's "Juneau is a sinking ship" letter on March 11. Is Juneau really a "sinking ship" or is Juneau rather more like a "submarine that doesn't work?"

For those who would like Juneau to be a "quaint little town with lots of potential," here are a few suggestions: Don't build the new high school and give our kindergartners a bus to ride. Instead, move the ferry offices to Ketchikan; they asked for it and that's the neighborly thing to do. Save Berners Bay! Save it from the mines and the Native corporations that would like to develop it. Save it so it will eventually become another "tourist designated" area that will drive the locals out anyway. And last, Build the Road! Then after the tourists have visited the "quaint little town" of Juneau, they can journey north on our magnificent new road to go see the new capital.

Alison Withrow


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