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Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2005

As an associate professor of English at the University of Alaska Southeast, I want my voice to be added to Ernestine Hayes' appeal for affirmative action at UAS (March 6) to become a reality of action and not just a reality of words. I want to change, too, the ending of Ernestine's story to become a story of the bear learning to dance with its adversary or, better yet, learning that there is no adversary if this "bear" can learn to treat others with the respect and dignity they deserve.

All of us at UAS who teach in the classroom work hard to provide quality educational opportunities for our students, and we know that our students benefit from having the opportunity to hear the multiplicity of voices that make up our world. Please join your voice with Ernestine's and others who want to sing and dance and thereby transform the University of Alaska into an institution of learning and opportunity, rather than allow it to remain a bear without the vision to see even what it's fighting.

Jo Devine-Acres

Auke Bay

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