Road would create problems

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I think that having a road that leads to another town is somewhat disturbing. Being on a lone island has its advantages. If we were to be connected, then crime would become a larger problem. People would have an easy way out of town. With the road, they can get out of town and run without getting caught.

I don't want a road out of town for the following reasons:

• It would cost more than $280 million to build the road.

• Even if they did make a road, it would take longer than five or six years to tear down the forest and make a path and put down tar.

• The ferry system would be shut down between Juneau and tours to north. Their business would become less and less, so they would have to make costs higher, or stop all together.

• Avalanches are to be expected and casualties would happen.

• The road would kill off the wildlife living in the forest.

• When winter comes, we could have to pay large amounts of money to plow all the snow off the road.

• What about the border? If something is wrong and maybe you forgot a card of some sort, then you would have to go back and get it.

• Why here? Why now?

I have talked to people who have lived in Juneau for five or more years, and many don't like the idea of having a road into and out of town. I hope the people who are making the decisions make a wise choice and not a path to destruction, or a path that will harm the people or unique city of Juneau.

Morgan Obersinner-Gage


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