Juneau-Douglas City Museum presents storytelling workshop

Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Women's History Month Storytelling Workshop will take place in the Juneau-Douglas City Museum on Saturday, March 19, from noon until 3:00 pm.

Storytelling is the most ancient form of passing history and knowledge from one generation to another, and it is fun too! Everyone has a memory of someone telling them a story whether it be a parent, a grandparent or a teacher, the oral tradition of storytelling pervades most lives. The element of history in storytelling makes it a natural partner for the celebration of 25th Annual Women's History Month. What better way of celebrating the women who have made a difference in your personal history than immortalizing them through the art of stories.

The Juneau-Douglas City Museum will join in this celebration by hosting a free interactive workshop about storytelling, taught by storyteller Anne C. Fuller. In this workshop, Fuller will discuss the social and historical aspects of storytelling, teaching students to take their own ideas and make them into interesting oral stories. Students will utilize their own interesting anecdote about a woman (themselves, their mother, someone they met on the bus?) and learn how to turn it into a fun and interesting story to entertain and enlighten their friends. The class with culminate in the students' sharing their stories within the group. Adults and youth ages 12 and over are welcome, class size is limited and pre-registration is required.

The Juneau-Douglas City Museum is at 4th and Main streets and is a program of the Juneau Parks and Recreation Department. For more information, call 586-3572.

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