Student recognition

Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Marathon finishers

Nineteen students at Mendenhall River Community School finished this year's marathon. Congratulations to Breanne Chapman, Calley Odum, Chelsea Kilgore, Colby Nore, Connor Hoyt, Daniel Nore, Dennis Barril, Jacob Lehman, Jayden Hodgson, Joley Hodgson, Kaelin Deitrick, Katelyn Siska, Katie Broderick, Kacey Jackson, Karissa Jackson, Kiera Clark, Megan Siska, Sydney Sabin and Tyler Moss.

Thanks to the volunteers that made this run possible: Anissa and Mike Jackson, Ed Johns, Lynetta Siska, Crystal Broderick, Elaine Vuille, John Cameron and Josh Lockhart.

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