Southeast Alaska Regional Science Fair

Posted: Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A total of 110 awards from 51 donors were given to 74 student competitors at the 2010 Southeast Alaska Regional Science Fair, held March 12 to 14 in Juneau.

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Klas Stolpe / Juneau Empire
Klas Stolpe / Juneau Empire

Total monetary awards for the fair this year was $3,875, not including prizes.

Science fair finalists

• Ian Andrews and Fiona Brown for "How Does Tissue Storage Environment Affect DNA Stability"

• Auriel Clark and Lindsay Clark for "How Beach Sediment Composition and Tidal Level Affect the Size and  Age Composition of Butter Clams"

• Deedré Deaton for "Bacterial and Fungal Diversity in Cedar-Dominated Stands in Southeast Alaska"

• Lia Domke for "The Effects of Temperature and pH on Metabolic Rate of Blue King Crabs"

• Thomas Parker for "How Type of Marine Lipid Affects Energy Density"

• Haila Schultz for "How Substrate Type Affects the Shell Color of Lined Chitons"

• Linsey Tomaro and Pauline Zheng for "Effects of Reduced pH on Euphausiids - Implications for Ocean Acidification"

• Colin Zheng for "The Effects of Seawater pH on Kelp Egg Development" Advancing to the Intel International Fair this year:

• Lia Domke; Colin Zheng; Auriel Clark and Lindsay Clark; and Ian Andrews and Fiona Brown. Selected local awards: 2010 People's Choice Award: Lia Domke, Erin Gaffaney, Zander Hoke, Derec Steinman. Coeur Alaska 3rd and 4th Year: Lindsay Clark, Linsey Tomaro, Whitney Walker, Pauline Zheng. Alaska Science Consortium: Jade Cook and Alexis Grieser, Deedré Deaton, Chelsea Peterson, Hailey Quinto. Alaska Science Teacher's Association: Jade Cook and Alexis Grieser, Selene Smith. American Chemical Society: Evan Carnahan, Zander Hoke. Audubon Society: Gelsey Carmichael, Brian Kenyon, Asia Moreno-Goodwin and Marlena Sloss, Colin Zheng. DIPAC Fisheries Science Award: Marc Heifetz. Fred Eastaugh Award: Randon Calderwood, Lana Swanson, Riley Westfall. Greens Creek Mining Co.: Ashlynn Kay, Kaitelyn McDonald, Kathleen Strehler. UAS, $4,000 scholarship: Riley Westfall.

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