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Posted: Friday, March 17, 2000

350 adolescents all packed into a room the size of a bank lobby in cafeteria mode. Feeding their bodies with sugar and carbohydrates, trying to gain approval of their friends and the opposite sex. It is your worst nightmare. Instead of complaining, why don't you come and volunteer once a week like I do. But, be warned, watch out for flying gummy bears.

Parents should go out to DZ and see what is going on in the lunchroom. I have lunch with my daughter once a week and I have never seen something like what that other parent described.

DZ has some wonderful parent volunteers to help monitor the lunchroom daily. Rather than complain, roll up your sleeves, step in and give a helping hand to our short-staffed lunch periods.

I'm sick of these local, state and federal agencies whining that they have a budget shortfall. Every one of these agencies are driving around Juneau in brand new 1999 or 2000 vehicles.

I'm sick of listening to politicians talk about themselves. They want a road to drive - what about the constituents and what is it going to cost to do this? What about the people who put them in the office? It is extremely obvious they don't care about us.

Regarding the comment about Natives being treated like second-class citizens, this is also called discrimination. If the laws are not being enforced by the state. Maybe legislatures need to stand up and take

After reading last night's paper, it's obvious that our judicial system has proven that the best place to run someone over is in Juneau.

Come on, what makes somebody think that Alaska can do better on the fast ferries? Canada failed, the state of Washington failed and the Navy tried it a few years ago and that never went anywhere. Let's get real here.

The Alaska Marine Highway System and Gov. Knowles want to make this fast ferry plan sound so great. How come they are going to decommission the other ferries as soon as they come on line? People are not going to get more ferry service, they may get faster service but that's if the boats don't break down. Not to mention the environmental problems that the fast boats will cause. We need a bullet train.

I'd like the city to bring back the Marine Park Deckover project. It was a good and needed project. It would be a great opportunity to use the funds from the head tax.

This town already has two gay bars.

The current gas crunch may prove to be helpful to the environment. Especially if it's as important at the gas crunch in the '70s - that crisis made cars more efficient, brought the speed limit down and saved a lot of lives.

Murkowski is a hypocrite. If he really cares about our domestic oil supply, why did he push so hard to lift the oil export ban five years ago? The Arctic Refuge is a national treasure. We would be foolish to destroy it out of greed.

If the wilderness in the Arctic is wilderness that nobody ever goes to - that may come as a surprise to the Native people who depend on the porcupine caribou herd in that area for their survival. Why is that people who support opening ANWR are the same people who support wolf control to enhance caribou herds that urban people depend on? Are certain people hunting caribou more important than others hunting caribou?

Who's ``Cathy?''

I'd like to report the first tourist sighting of the 2000 tourist season. They were spotted on 12th street heading toward the governor's mansion carrying camera bags and wearing designer raincoats and hats.

I want to commend the Empire for Word of Mouth. If people don't like it, don't read it.

Attention, attention, attention. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a perfect world. Please heed this warning. Get real and get a life.

I was driving down South Franklin and saw the old City Cafe building being painted. I hope that the color was an undercoat, bright pumpkin orange is not a very attractive color.

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