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Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2002

New large print fiction is here!

"Out of this World," collected stories by Laurell K. Hamilton, Susan Krinard, Maggie Shayne, and J.D. Robb. Four short stories of romance spiked with the supernatural and science fiction by some of the best of the genre.

"Funeral in Blue," by Anne Perry. When the Elissa Beck, the wife of Hester Monk's surgeon friend and another woman are found murdered, the surgeon becomes prime suspect, Hester and her husband, William try to help. To save Kristian Beck from the gallows, they enlist the aid of Lady Cassandra Daviot to try to solve the mystery of Mrs. Beck's life.

"The Fountain," by Emily Grayson. Left alone at the altar on her wedding day, Casey is wary of meeting anyone new. But Michael isn't just anyone, and he certainly isn't new - he's been her best friend and next door neighbor since they were kids. They marry and raise a family and are planning to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, when her missing ex-fiance shows up at their doorstep.

"The Book of Kills," by Ralph McInerny. Brothers Roger and Philip Knight are called in to help administrators at the University of Notre Dame find a gang of pranksters whose antics are becoming increasingly serious. Everything seems to point to a scholar who claims the University stands on land stolen from the Indians, but he turns up dead, killed by a tomahawk, stymieing the investigation.

"Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas," by James Patterson. Katie's perfect life is shattered when her lover leaves her. The only thing of his remaining is a diary, written by a woman for her infant son, and Katie begins to read, at first uncomfortable, but with a growing sense of familiarity. She knows the baby's father, but can not begin to guess why the loving family of the diary is no longer together.

"The Good German," by Joseph Kanon. Jake Geismar is a news correspondent in Berlin at the end of World War II. His plum assignment at the Potsdam Conference is intertwined with his personal agenda: To find the woman he left behind at the start of the war. What he finds is a murdered American soldier who proves to be Jake's entre into a story of corruption at the heart of the occupation.

"Midnight Bayou," by Nora Roberts. Though he scoffs at the description, Boston lawyer Declan Fitzgerald has definitely bought a haunted house. He doesn't want to believe that he's seeing the ghost of a woman murdered by her brother-in-law. And he really doesn't want to believe that he and others are being slowly possessed by the events of the past...

"Dead Sleep," by Greg Iles. When photojournalist Jordan Glass finds herself staring at herself in a painting in a Hong Kong art museum, she knows immediately that her missing sister is the real subject. The picture is part of a series called "The Sleeping Women," but rumors say the women are not asleep, but dead. Jordan decides to find the truth behind the paintings, and, with luck, her sister.

Next week I'll have this year's Newbery and Caldecott award winners for you!

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