Dance Unlimited rededicates to quality

Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2002

I would like to share with the Juneau community the progress and changes the Juneau Dance Unlimited Board of Directors has made since January to address the concerns expressed by members of JDU.

Not only has the board met the challenge of replacing a dance master in mid-season, but also the board has tapped the energy of enthusiastic JDU members to conduct a thorough self-assessment and rededication to the goal of bringing quality dance to the Juneau community. On Feb. 9, the JDU board held a retreat; the results of which I hope will have an exciting and lingering impact on the Juneau community.

We assessed our current situation and developed short and long-term goals. JDU's organization, artistic direction, business planning, volunteer committee involvement, and facilities were addressed. New board members Gail Ford and Mike Tousley have been appointed to fill vacancies and are proving to be key players in JDU's renewed momentum.

I would like to thank the membership for expressing their concerns and for their patience while the board works to make positive changes. There is so much work ahead of us but we strongly believe that JDU has a bright future. I would like to ask the current JDU membership and other members of the Juneau community to help us keep this energy going to achieve our renewed goals by becoming more involved in Juneau Dance Unlimited as committee members, volunteers, and sponsors.

Dance is an important element of the rich cultural and educational environment in Juneau. You can help JDU continue playing a role in the Juneau artistic and family community in the years to come. Thank you.

Lupita Alvarez

JDU President

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