My Turn: Peace marches bring questions

Posted: Monday, March 17, 2003

After watching the peace marches around the country, I have come to the conclusion that this is not a movement for peace, but rather a chance to spew hatred against the Bush administration and the principles it stands for. To those of you speaking out against the war in Iraq, where were you in 1998 when Bill Clinton ordered air strikes against Iraq? Where were you when Clinton prodded NATO to bomb Yugoslavia? Where were you when he ordered U.S. troops to Somalia and Haiti? If you were consistent peace lovers you would have been marching during the Clinton administration also.

Many left-wing radicals have written articles that blame American policy for everything from 9/11 to the present terrorist attacks in our country. These individuals cite lack of U.S. tolerance, and diversity as the cause of Americans being massacred. These people would rather blame America than al-Qaida and the worldwide network of Islamic fanatics that devised such evil. These same individuals also play into the hands of a criminal like Saddam Hussein by implying he is just a misguided benevolent leader that can be coddled into submission.

I am tired of these radicals wanting to give Saddam a free pass while denouncing President Bush. I suggest giving one-way airfare for these folks to go live in Iraq or Iran for a lengthy amount of time. I can imagine they won't last long when they are imprisoned and tortured for espousing disagreement with their government. It is by the blood of our U.S. soldiers and allies that these protesters can speak freely here in the most tolerant and generous of all nations. The true patriotic Americans in the U.S. are rallying around our troops at this time of great uncertainty. These brave men and women deserve to see our support as they contemplate making great sacrifices for freedom. Peace protesters staging acts of civil disobedience against military installations are outrageous.

In the 1920s and '30s, leftist American radicals idolized Josef Stalin and his communist utopia. Despite state-ordered famine, slave camps and mass executions, which amounted to the murder of 11 million people, these American journalists wrote glowing accounts of Soviet life in the 1930s. Some Americans were so enamored with Stalin that they moved to Russia where Stalin employed them as "useful idiots" and they became tools of his propaganda machine while they worked in high profile jobs. Of the 15 Americans who relocated to Stalin's utopia, eight were executed, two were worked to death and the other five spent years in prison. Stalin hated the West simply because of the freedom it stood for. If the United States and U.S. policy are so hideous, tell me why 1 million people try to enter our country every year? I'll tell you why, because this nation founded under God has made us a bastion of freedom, liberty and justice. I stand in strong support of my country, our military and our president who has the moral conviction and backbone to stand up to a murderous dictator like Saddam Hussein in order to make this world truly a more peaceful place.

• Eva Small of Juneau is a registered nurse, a mother of three children and a political activist who feels critical thinking is a responsibility for all U.S. citizens.

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