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Posted: Wednesday, March 17, 2004

... for the volunteer help

Juneau Parks and Recreation utilizes many volunteers to coach the youth athletic programs. In recognition of this we thank all the volunteers who helped out with the 2004 youth indoor soccer program. Without the effort and time commitment contributed by these individuals, it would be impossible to provide quality youth sports programs for our community. We are not always notified of everyone who helps out during the season; if your name was inadvertently left off this list please know that your support is greatly appreciated!

Thank you, Adrian Slater, Alex Newton, Alex Wertheimer, Alexander Hoke, Alida Bus, Amy Skilbred, Andy Macaulay, Antonio Diaz, Ben Haight, Ben Roguska, Ben Van Alen, Bill Andrews, Bill Fritz, Brad Pritchard, Brady Deal, Brenna Heintz, Brian Ewing, Bruce Botelho, Buz Melin, Carl Dierking, Caroline Levale, Cathy Johnson, Charlie Ford, Cheyenne Sanchez, Chip Verrelli, Craig Farrington, Crisanna Pegues, Cydney Boyer, Darren Adams, Darryl Tseu, Dave Ringle, David Forrest, David Lendrum, David Seid, David Teal, Dawn Wolfe, Dean Dawson, Deborah Soto, Dennis Travis, Drew Sielbach, Duff Mitchell, Dustin Roberts, Eric Swanson, Erik Clark, Erin Ryder, Erin Thompson, Grady Fisher, Greta Thibodeau, Gretchen Dierking, J. Michael Hays, James Dawson, James Waste, Janelle Smith, Jason Thompson, Jenny George, Jetta Whittaker, Jim Collins, Joe Newman, Joe Ver, John Doogan, John Newell, Jorge Cordero, Joseph Swiger, Justin Jones, Kathy Messing, Keela Kelly, Kiel Urata, Kokii Stekoll, Kray VanKirk, Kris Coffee, Krisi Hicks, Krista Messing, Kurt Savikko, L. Roger Calloway, Larry Neal, Laura Flynn, Laura Otness, Lindsey Bloom, Lindsey Forrest, Lisa Kramer, Lloyd Anderson, Malissa Suson, Mark Smith, Mark Lewis, Michael Fox, Michael Levine, Mike Ford, Mike Sigler, Naresh Shrestha, Nick Campbell, Nico Bus, Nicole Lewis, Peter Froehlich, Peter Ord, Phil Benson, Randy Hurtte, Reed Stoops, Reggie Cruz, Renee Dull, Rhonda Hickok, Richard Heffern, Richard Pratt, Richard Siverly, Scott Jensen, Scott Kelley, Scott Perkins, Sean O'Brien, Shane Montoya, Sherry Tamone, Stephanie Hinckle, Steve Baseden, Susie Denton, Tate Chapman, Teresa Swiger, Terry Boyd, Terry Doyle, Terry Johnson, Terry White, Theresa Badilla, Thomas Fletcher, Thomas Stewart, Tish Forrest, TJ Slagle, Todd Luck, Tom Bay, Tom Lawson, Tom Rutecki, Tom Wehnes, Toni Leonard, Vincent Isturis Sr. and Willie Harris.

2004 Youth Indoor Soccer Coaches

... for all your thoughtfulness

Your kindness meant more than you'd ever guess. Thank you everyone so much for your thoughtfulness at the time of my loss of my beloved husband, Edward F. Hubbard.

Lila L. Hubbard and Ed's family

... for helping Scouts

Tongass Alaska Girl Scout Council thanks the enthusiastic volunteers who showed up March 8 to sort Girl Scout cookies at the Alaska Marine Line.

With more than 30 adults helping, the many hands made short work of a very large project. More than 300 Girl Scouts in Juneau will benefit from your hard work.

Special thanks to Marvin Newton, the AML crew and especially to Mike for going the distance and hanging in there with us.

Tongass Alaska Girl Scout Council

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