Wealthy pay taxes, too

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, March 17, 2005

In response to the Social Security article by Janet Kussart, it's too bad that Janet only had comment on such a narrow focus and didn't address the whole story.

The women that she writes about will have nothing if Social Security continues on its current path, but she didn't bother to mention that glaring fact. Then she really did herself in with the sentence, "But then his wealthy friends would not get their tax cut." This shows blatant ignorance of the tax base in this country and a blatant disregard for fact. The wealthy in this country pay a large portion of the total taxes and without them we, middle- and low-income earners, would be taxed beyond what we could bear.

Let's have a debate on fixing Social Security and not focus on how we feel personally about the current president of the United States. Just implementing the proposed privatization won't completely fix Social Security, but with dialogue it could be a part of a fix that makes the system last for generations to come.

Brian Campbell


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