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Posted: Friday, March 17, 2006

In Alaska

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• In 1894, the old Russian governor's house, known as Baranof Castle, burned at Sitka.

• In 1912, the United States Marines, established at Sitka in 1879, were withdrawn.

• In 1959, the dredging of Gastineau Channel, north of downtown Juneau, was scheduled.

In the nation

• In 1776, British forces evacuated Boston during the Revolutionary War.

• In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt first used the term "muck-rake" as he criticized what he saw as the excesses of investigative journalism in a speech to the Gridiron Club in Washington.

• In 1910, the Camp Fire Girls organization was formed. (It was formally presented to the public on this date two years later.)

• In 1950, scientists at the University of California at Berkeley announced they had created a new radioactive element, "californium."

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