Ruedrich pleased to remain head of GOP

Posted: Monday, March 17, 2008

ANCHORAGE - Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich said he is happy to retain his position after surviving an ouster attempt over the weekend during the party's annual convention.

"I'm very pleased, especially with the support of some of the people who were very concerned," Ruedrich said.

Just before adjournment Saturday, delegates voted to table a resolution calling for Ruedrich to resign - a resolution the chairman said he would have ignored.

"Based on the fact that you asked me to serve for four years last year, I will reject that resolution and plan to stay and work with all you folks," Ruedrich said as delegates cast votes.

Ruedrich, while a member of the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission, was fined $12,000 for engaging in partisan political activity while on the job. Despite that cloud, Republicans re-elected him as chairman in 2006, but some reform-minded party members have been pushing for his removal before his term ends in 2010.

Party officials earlier in the raucous last day of the convention said Ruedrich opponents had not gone through proper channels to seek his removal.

Frank McQueary, a west Anchorage delegate presiding over the convention Saturday afternoon, said the Ruedrich opponents could have filed formal charges with the party central committee. It was not proper, he said, to ignore party procedures and values in favor of "stealthy attacks by innuendo."

Delegate Glenn Biegle said the measure was proper because it did not call for the chairman's removal, but was only a request for Ruedrich to resign.

Delegates voted 167-133 to table the resolution calling for Ruedrich's resignation.

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