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Posted: Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I just read Edwin Johnson's letter glorifying the attributes of Gov. Sarah Palin as well as his disdain for former Sen. Kim Elton's recent promotion to Washington, D.C., in the Obama administration. It might surprise Johnson that "most" Alaskans probably do not believe that Palin has conducted herself with honor and dignity.

Her shameless pandering to the Republican radical base at the GOP convention seemed to show her willingness to put aside the very principles of honor and dignity as she sneeringly derided the opposition and flubbed interview after interview. Every step of her national exposure brought to light more and more deficiencies; not only hers, but those of her running mate and the entire disheveled and fractured Republican party. Not much honor and dignity during that period of time to be sure.

Elton has spoken thoughtfully and clearly on the issues important to many Alaskans over the years. He is not out of step with the issues concerning our state. In fact, he is willing to speak out the truth even if it is not politically expedient. Elton was chosen for his position because of his expertise on Alaska issues. For Johnson to imply otherwise is simply small-mindedness and meanness of spirit, and his position is one that I reject.

It certainly will be interesting to see how Palin conducts herself on the national stage in the future as Johnson posits. It would be nice if she brought a measure of credibility and intelligence on national issues along with an understanding of the world's many needs. I, for one, was not proud of the image she portrayed to the national and international scenes over the autumn months. Our great state was not served well on this occasion. If Johnson was proud there must be something wrong with his world view.

Meanwhile, I wish Elton well as he goes to Washington, D.C., to represent the great state of Alaska. It's not only my home but that of my children and grandchildren.

So, in the future, please don't speak for me, Johnson.

Eileen Hosey


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