Bush was anything but conservative

Posted: Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I resented Ross McKenzie's March 13 column in the Empire. I realize it was reverse psychology, but calling former President Bush and his cohorts conservative is beyond ridiculous.

I hold right-of-middle political views myself, and hearing Bush called a conservative is a bit like walking under a window and having trash thrown on you. If McKenzie had called them fair-weather carpetbaggers, I'd have been in agreement. But I don't agree with sullying the conservative name with these obnoxious comparisons.

A true conservative is the opposite of a carpetbagger, and would not have trashed the stock market. I wouldn't call these guys liberal either. Voracious, sleazy capitalists, yes, but night and day away from true conservatism. It is funny to see politicians guilty of business as usual on a small scale being punished, while the maneaters walk away scott free.

Billy L. Davenport


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