March Coffee & Collections highlights early days of Juneau Ski Club, Dan Moller Cabin

Posted: Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wilderness cabins and skiing will be the focus of this month’s Coffee & Collections presentation at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum. Longtime Juneau Ski Club member Dean Williams and USFS archaeologist Myra Gilliam will lead a discussion about the significance of the cabin and its connection to the Juneau Ski Club during their presenation, “Dan Moller Cabin and the Beginnings of the Juneau Ski Club,” at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at the City Museum.

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JDCM 2006.23.007. / JDCM 2006.23.007.

A charter member of the Juneau Ski Club, Dan Moller came to Juneau in 1934 as the general Emergency Conservation Work foreman for the US Forest Service. He was in charge of Civilian Conservation Corps work crews that constructed the trail to Second Meadow, the site of the first ski area in Juneau and the original cabin.

The program will begin with a viewing of “Skiing History of Juneau /Douglas,” an episode of Rain Country courtesy of Jim Mahan. The viewing will be followed by a discussion of the history of the Club by Williams. US Forest Service archaeologist for the Juneau Ranger District, Myra Gilliam will then discuss her work with the Dan Moller Cabin. In 2004, Gilliam was asked to assess the significance and complete a determination of eligibility for the Dan Moller Cabin. The cabin was determined to be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places for its association with the Civilian Conservation Corps and for its role in development of the growth of recreation and skiing and its long association with the Juneau Ski Club. The Forest Service approached the City Museum to help interpret this history since the cabin could not be saved.

“During the summer of 2010, I had an opportunity to make a site visit before the old Dan Moller cabin was taken apart,” said Curator of Collections and Exhibits Addison Field. “I thought we would come down the mountain with a few small objects from the cabin, but it was obvious to me when we started looking around that we needed to get a portion of the cabin itself as a backdrop for the exhibit. Lucky for us, the Forest Service was exceedingly flexible, and arranged to bring a 10 foot section of the front wall and main door out of the meadow by helicopter.”

The presentation will be held at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum located at the corner of Fourth and Main Streets. Coffee for this series is provided by Heritage Coffee Company. For more information on this presentation or other upcoming events at the Museum, visit or call 586-3572.

The Juneau-Douglas City Museum is a facility of the Juneau Parks and Recreation Department.

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