Overzealous prosecution

Posted: Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bruce Weyhrauch, a wonderful person and great asset to the community of Juneau remains the poster boy of overzealous and out of control prosecution.

Unless you have walked in his shoes these past few years, I suspect you would have no idea the burden this has placed on Bruce and his family. I’ve come to know this fine gentleman for years and am disgusted with how he was treated.

But, I am curious. Where in the devil did the justice system come up with the charge of “participating in, aiding or abetting a person who is lobbying but not registered to do so?” Wow, that’s a corker!

Our justice system has besmirched the reputation of an innocent man, caused his family untold stress and simply has tossed him upon the heap of victims who should have never been prosecuted in the first place. I, for one, stand foursquare behind Bruce. He is a great guy and deserves better than this. Shoot, what happened to him could have happened to any of us that have had dealings with our legislative system. “Aiding or abetting a person who is lobbying, but not registered to do so?” Oh boy, look out folks. You may be next!

David Fremming


Former City and Bourough of Juneau assemblymember and planning commissioner.

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