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Posted: Sunday, March 18, 2001

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Congratulations to the Juneau Empire for finally putting a Food section in. It's about time. It's nice to see something like this come along in Juneau.

Kirk McLean

This debate about who got here first, the helicopters or the residents, needs to be tempered with the recognition that being first immunizes only the initial level of activity or operations. Residents are not complaining about the level of helicopter activity that took place a decade ago. We are complaining about the exponential growth of the past decade. This current level of activity is neither grandfathered nor otherwise immunized by the historical operations of Livingston Copters or their competitors.

Robert Reges

As a Native, I've been largely accepted by the white community in Juneau and I've been told it's because I'm "not like the rest of them." However, if there is going to be discrimination, I'm not going to accept it and I'm happy "to be like the rest of them."

Ishmael Hope

In response to Fred Hiltner's letter of March 13, and at the risk of being called stupid again, I must respectfully decline your invitation to come teach your class about logging - not that I would not like to, in fact I would very much enjoy it. But to quote one caller's statement of "not that we would want some average Joe teaching our kids," I certainly would not want to offend anyone by having some dumb Joe logger teaching a class - even about something as simple and easy as logging. By the way, I graduated high school and nine years of college with a degree in veterinary medicine - but I chose logging.

Gary Johnson

This is to Jake Kent. I don't call and whine and I remember running outside to see a helicopter because they were so rare. So is property on the back side of Douglas. Have any for sale? If so, give me a call.

Kent Adams

I would like to thank Betsy Fischer for her dead-on parody of Kim Metcalfe-Helmar's high-handed and simplistic approach to solving a complex issue. It was extremely funny. For those of Kim Metcalfe-Helmar's friends who missed the inadvertent humor in Kim's proposal to have her suggestions immediately and without further adieu adopted into law and who were offended by Betsy's clever response, please remember that lampooning pomposity is one of the highest forms of civic debate.

Sarah Dunlap

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