Toward creating a historical footnote

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, March 18, 2002

As the CBJ Assembly once again considers the topic of urban bears and human garbage I respectfully ask that they consider the following:

• An outright and total ban on all plastic and nonmetal lids on Dumpsters. The proposed plan of mandating metal lids only after a bear has broken into a Dumpster or if said Dumpster is "emitting a clearly detectable odor" or lies within a "bear problem area" seems to me to be reactive and unworkable.

• Make Arrow Refuse pay the bill for the lids on the Dumpsters they own. Make Arrow pay the fines on plastic-lidded Dumpsters it owns not the people using the Dumpsters. For far too long, the multibillion dollar corporate parent company Waste Management Inc., has been getting fat off yet another monopoly while not spending one cent more than it has to. I'm not against the local folks who work for Arrow and I'm not anti-business. I just feel that Arrow (along with major land holders and developers) should pay for putting metal lids on their Dumpsters.

• No more warnings and no 30 days effective date. After a year and a half of our Web site, newspaper headlines, TV and radio stories and an impending CBJ mailout, no one has an excuse to say they don't understand what's going on (unless they walk on all fours and live in a bear den). Pass the ordinance and make for an immediate effective date. The town will be crawling with bears 30 days from now.

We can, as a community, make the urban bear-human garbage problem a historical footnote. All it will take is a little more education, a minimal amount of individual effort, a few bucks and some common sense. Fix it and I'll shut up.

I promise.

Mark Farmer


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