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Posted: Monday, March 18, 2002

Every year people all over Southeast Alaska look forward to the Gold Medal Tournament. This is one of the biggest event for Juneau. It brings in a lot of money to the Capital city, such as hotels, motels, restaurants, stores, taxis, and car rentals. The city gets a lot of this money in taxes paid by the people who come to the games. All of the small schools schedule spring break around this tournament.

I am writing to see if the other towns feel the same way I do. I'm proud to be a resident of Hoonah. The Gold Medal Tournament has rules to play in their tournament (for example the eligibility in the C class old timers). One of the rules that they changed in 2001 is that the age limit go from 35 to 36 this year and the age will increase by one year every year until it reaches 40 again. The resident rule means you actually have to be living in the community for at least 90 day prior to the tournaments start. These are just some of the rules that should be enforced. This will cut down on illegally stacking teams and leaving out players that live in the town that are deserving of spots on the team.

The Hoonah team (old timers) is picking up players that are no longer reside in Hoonah. Sure these players graduated form Hoonah but that was 15 to 20 years ago, they moved out of Hoonah after they graduated. We need to get back to the way the Gold Medal use to be.

When I talked to hall of famers of Hoonah they said they are proud to have played for Hoonah. The Gold Medal committee can do its job and follow its rules, and not let communities do what they want. This just allows one person to run a team, and causes problems. If any other community has this or any other problems, let the Gold Medal committee know so this problem be solved.

Jack LeeHoonah

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