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Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, March 18, 2004

There is one goal that unites Democrats and progressives today: driving George W. Bush and his corporate friends out of the White House and returning this government and this nation to the majority of the American people who work for a living.

In the interest of this goal, I would like to ask all Democrats and progressives in Juneau to support Dennis Kucinich at this Saturday's Democratic precinct caucuses. By supporting Dennis Kucinich, you can join us in spreading the word across this state and across this nation, that we are ready to join the battle. Dennis Kucinich is fighting to bring together everyone who thirsts for a nation based on justice and freedom, everyone who dreams of a world based on reason rather than war, and everyone who has been left out in the cold by the ruthless, arrogant sham of an Administration.

Dennis Kucinich knows what it is to fight for your principles. When Dennis was mayor of Cleveland, he fought against the corporate takeover of the municipal electric utility. To punish Dennis for his refusal to obey its will, the banks in Cleveland deliberately crashed the city's bond rating, ensuring his defeat. But Dennis never wavered, never surrendered, never gave up the struggle.

And finally, Dennis was vindicated. In the early 1990s it was proved that the attempted corporate takeover of Cleveland's utility would have cost that city's taxpayers over $195 million in rate increases.

The Kucinich campaign, like the Dean campaign, is the kind that the Democratic Party needs. Kucinich delegates will go all the way to Boston, helping to lead the struggle to build a progressive Democratic Party, a fighting, growing, winning party, that can unite the vast majority of the American people, from coast to coast, from Alaska to Texas in a new crusade for justice, equality, peace and freedom at home and abroad for a clean environment in which all can survive and for a new balance between labor and management that will help guarantee working people a decent life in this country and in all the nations of the world.

It's time to take up the fight again. It's time to believe in a better world again. It's time to start building the future again rather than simply holding on to what's left of the past. Help us give the Democratic Party and the White House back to the American people again.

Kenneth Burch


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