Mention of ethnicity in story not wrong

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, March 18, 2005

My letter is in response to the lady who wrote and complained about the Juneau Empire stating the boy's race in the March 1 article regarding the Radio Shack incident.

I think Mrs. Cameron missed the part in the article where Fred Hiltner (highly respected Juneau School District teacher) went in to see if the incident was due to the boy's race, which is probably why the Empire stated that he was Native.

As a young Native male, I don't think this town sees even half of the racial incidents that happen. I also don't think that the Empire is dividing the community. It is good that Mrs. Cameron said we are trying to teach our children that everyone is equal, but until we learn to address racial issues and overcome the hate and misunderstandings, we can't stop using identifiers.

Robby Hickok


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