Calling for corporate comeuppance

Posted: Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One of comedienne Lily Tomlin's original acts featured a telephone operator and lines such as, "we're the telephone company, you can trust me." Well, that was then and this is now.

Today, only one major telephone company (Qwest) had the wisdom and the courage to stand up to an unconstitutional request by the Bush administration and refuse to engage in unlawful interception of telephone calls. They asked for a search warrant.

Unfortunately, the others were all too eager to reward "deregulating Bush" and let the government in the door to millions of private conversations.

Now those same companies think that Congress should protect them from those who felt harmed by their illegal and misguided conduct. Today Lily would say, "We're the telephone company; trust us at your own risk and if we screw up, too bad."

President Bush, never one to miss a chance to protect his corporate buddies, now ties letting those companies off the hook to continuing certain important national security laws.

If protection from liability for some companies and the national security laws are both very important for the good of the order, don't you think they could stand on their own rather than be tied together? Or does everybody recognize that the immunity issue can't stand alone and will only pass if it is in lock-step with the other. I guess the latter.

If you care about your constitutional rights and believe that no president is above the law, let Congress know they should not let Bush steamroll them on this important issue.

Dave Dierdorff


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