Morgan tops Marrero in Roughhouse main event

Posted: Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Roughhouse Friday at Marlintini's Lounge featured a little bit of everything. It had the first all-female mixed martial arts bout held in Juneau along with fighters brawling for money to fix a car and for sushi.

In the main event, 23-year-old Nick "The Nightmare" Morgan earned a second win over 32-year-old Hector "Bam Bam" Marrero in a rematch of last month's fight. Morgan won the first encounter.

Morgan dominated all three 90-second rounds Friday en route to victory.

His strategy was to "keep my hands up and my guard up so he wouldn't knock me out," he said.

Marrero was complimentary of his opponent after the fight.

"He has improved since the last time we fought," Marrero said. "He's a young guy and he got the best of me. I'm used to three-minute rounds so this is like learning a new sport."

Here's a rundown of Friday's action:

• Motivated first-time fighter Dani Hansen, 19, defeated Super Bear cashier Desiree "The Rebel" Marble, 26, in a thriller. The two women traded shots to the head in round one, showing more aggression than the majority of Friday's fights. Hansen, who fought for money to fix her car, caught Marble on the ropes in the second round with punches to the head. Marble sealed the win in round three after delivering multiple combinations.

"I have to hand it to her, she is one tough cookie and she got the best of me," Marble said of Hansen. "It was a great fight.

• In the first women's mixed martial arts fight in Juneau, Cherelle Beierly defeated Cassie "Little Heathen Stephens" Walker by a close split decision. Beierly took Walker to the mat in round one but the two traded kicks and punches in the second round. In the final round, Beierly took Walker down again as the two traded shots to the head.

After the fight, Walker said she wanted a rematch. "I won that fight," she said.

She added that she loved the experience and definitely wanted to fight again.

• Josh Lehauli, 21, beat 17-year-old challenger Royal "Crown Royal" Hudson to stay undefeated. The fight didn't come easy for Lehauli, though, as Hudson anticipated most of his punches.

"Hudson had a lot in him and he kept coming at me," Lehauli said. "He blocked all my right hooks. He knew what I had and had obviously studied me. He was smart."

Hudson was the aggressor in round two and tagged Lehauli with some heavy leather. Hudson took a few hard shots from Lehauli but "Crown Royal" yelled "come on, keep it coming." In the end, Lehauli did enough to earn the decision.

• Ryan Wong, 31, handed Norman "Thunder Punch" Flood III, 20, his first Roughhouse defeat. Wong, who credited his win to eating sushi at Seong's Sushi Bar three times a week with his new nutritionist, repeatedly tagged Flood in round two. Wong said he was going to use his prize money to buy more sushi.

• Silverbow employee Aaron "Red Baron" Tucker, 18, increased his record to 3-0 with his win over seasoned boxer Rudy "No Introduction Needed" Vonda, 43, in a fight that pitted youth against experience. Tucker forced referee Joe Isturis to issue Vonda a standing eight count in the first and second rounds.

• Twenty-five-year-old Haans Madsen, a cook at Zen restaurant, won his bout against previously undefeated 20-year-old Charles Paul Bagoya. Bagoya admitted in a post-fight interview to being very nervous before the fight because Madsen boxed Lehauli the month before. Bagoya stayed tough after receiving a standing eight count near the end of round two. In round three, Madsen landed several hard combinations to grab the win.

• Charlie Gallant, 18, got his first mixed martial arts win after outlasting first-time-fighter Dylan Mores, 19. Mores took Gallant to the mat hard three times and appeared to be winning until he had no more energy to continue. Mores said after the fight that he was winning until he "gassed out and was unable to move."

• Hoonah's Auther Campbell, a 240-pound rookie, defeated Kake's 254-pound first-time fighter Anthony "Action Jackson" Jackson, in a first-round stoppage. Isturis called the fight after issuing Jackson two standing eight counts in the first round.

• Heavyweight Steven Frank, 23, stopped Walter "Showstoppa" Brown, 26, in a slugfest. Both boxers were sucking air by the end of an action-packed round one. Following an even second round, Frank pinned Brown against the ropes with punch to earn the win.

• First-time-fighter Michael Friedrich, 19, defeated Ryan Williams, 19, via split decision in a lightweight bout. Williams chased Friedrich in the first round, only to receive a hard shot to the head. The first-round edge proved big after even second and third rounds.

• In another MMA fight, Mendenhall Auto Center employee and first-time-fighter Josh Kinney, 26, defeated fellow first-time-fighter Benny Edenshaw, 30, of Ketchikan. The two fighters got tangled in the ropes in round one before Edenshaw retired after the second round.

The next Roughhouse Boxing is April 11.

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