Inside out

Posted: Sunday, March 19, 2000

No subtlety here

A city-wide survey on commercial use of trails brought out some strong feelings: ``Too much regulation by tree hugging boomers! Tar and feathers are in order for them. . . . You want to preserve the wilderness? Then stop breeding.''

Others just didn't care: ``I think hiking is boring, so as far as I'm concerned tourists can hike all they want on our trails. At least this way they won't get fat and the city can make some money.''

Putting city hall

on the (walking) map

The trails survey also prompted a few suggestions for new trails: ``I suggest a commercial trail from the cruise ship docks to (AND THROUGH) the Juneau City and Borough headquarters building! 15,000 people a day ought to do it.''

Picture this

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then Pat Costello's halfway to a million. The Juneau photographer posted his 500th snapshot on his Web page ( earlier this month. The Internet photo gallery claims more than a half million hits a month, and plans to grow even larger.

Plus shipping costs

Alaskans are used to paying more than their share for shipping, but this one was ridiculous. A catalog based in Hazelwood, Mo., sells a type of wall molding used to prop up pictures for about $40 each. One local woman ordered three, weighing all of 12 pounds, and was told shipping would cost an extra $77! Order canceled. She said she ``wondered whether she should have been tipped off by `Hazelwood?'''

Too much honesty

Alaskans aren't as rough-and-tumble as they used to be, as one coed volleyball team name indicates. Instead of the Grizzlies or the Wolverines, they're called The Soft White Underbellies. We appreciate honesty, but is this truth-in-advertising going to extremes?

Arctic eating

Maybe there should have been a kitchen race at this month's Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse. We're told the Russian team beat the others to the tropical fruit. ``The Russians ate all the bananas,'' said one Fairbanks competitor. ``I guess in Russia, it's too expensive.''

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