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Posted: Sunday, March 19, 2000

With the B.C. ferry mess, I think we owe a thank you to the assembly members who voted against the resolution to support the fast ferries.

We do have some concern about our municipality when they publish the health and social services transition information, and refer to transitioning mental health and subsistence abuse services. It needs to be substance abuse services.

Jim Healy's letter just reeks of me, me, me, me. Let's throw our state's money away so he can send his kids to college. I think that's a great idea. We should all do that. That way we can spend the Permanent Fund.

The debate on the road scheme has been very healthy. It has shown certain people what it's like to hold a minority view in the community and be called whiners and malcontents. The difference is they have the ear of five votes on the assembly. Sadly, there will probably be no transportation improvements as a result.

Everyone needs to ease up on the gas pedal. Too many times I've almost gotten sideswiped because someone keeps driving when I'm trying to make a left hand turn, particularly at Nancy Street or in the Lemon Creek area.

I'd like to comment on the person who talked about state and federal agencies, and the budget and those people driving 1999 and 2000 cars. I'd just like to say some of us are working two jobs so we can drive nice cars. It has nothing to do with the state, federal or local budget.

Abuse. I don't like it at all. There are just as many women that beat men and ruin their lives as there are men.

Mr. Mayor. Republicans love blacktop. What's your excuse?

The justice system has sent a clear message that it's OK to murder a Native with your vehicle and you will barely get a slap on the hand. One day soon we will all have to face the ultimate judge.

I'd like to commend the four Republican legislators who voted against party lines in favor of university funding. They were brave to think for themselves.

Two thoughts about Edwin Johnson's letter to the editor: One, I don't think it's a vocal minority opposing the road, it's a majority. Two, what's good for Juneau isn't necessary good for the rest of Southeast Alaska. Build a road or a ferry system. It doesn't make sense to have both.

This is in response to the lunchroom at Dzantik'l Heeni. I'm an aunt of a student that goes there. I have been in the lunchroom several times and the children have been most appropriate and picked up their things.

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