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Posted: Monday, March 19, 2001

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This is to Jake Kent. I don't call and whine and I remember running outside to see a helicopter because they were so rare. So is property on the back side of Douglas. Have any for sale? If so, give me a call.

Kent Adams

I would like to thank Betsy Fischer for her dead-on parody of Kim Metcalfe-Helmar's high-handed and simplistic approach to solving a complex issue. It was extremely funny. For those of Kim Metcalfe-Helmar's friends who missed the inadvertent humor in Kim's proposal to have her suggestions immediately and without further adieu adopted into law and who were offended by Betsy's clever response, please remember that lampooning pomposity is one of the highest forms of civic debate.

Sarah Dunlap

I was really saddened to see that the Palace Theatre is going to be closing. I have so many memories from that building from the time I was growing up here and going to the movies and listening to the lady play the organ, waiting during intermsision and waiting for the movie to start during the '60s. My mom worked there during the late '40s at the concession stand when it was the State Capital Theatre selling popcorn and soda and my dad worked at the taxi station next door and she would bring the leftover popcorn to the taxi station and he figured if I marry this woman I'll have free popcorn for the rest of his life. They were married. Ive been a characte rin a play there and it's been really neat to have all the memories of the theater and I'm really goin to miss that. It was great.

Ingrid Varness-Diouf

I was at Eaglecrest last weekend and noticed that most of the skiers and boarders and tubers were coming back into the building wet and cold and I thought how nice it woudl be if there was a wood-burning fireplace at Eaglecrest that you could go to and warm up after your skiiing.

Susan Stanley

I would like to thank the Juneau Empire for adding a food section in the Wednesday edition. This is long overdue. For those of us who think we are "gourmet cooks" new recipes are a welcome addition to our repertoire. How about color pictures next? That would be nice.

Jerry Schoenberger

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