Rich take expected from Donlin Creek gold deposit
NovaGold Resources Inc. could produce 1 million ounces of gold a year at its Donlin Creek project in Southwest Alaska, officials said.

Clarification: Tax returns
An article in the March 13 Empire on filing tax returns said that "any person who has earned income in a calendar year is required to file a federal income tax return."

Understanding how, why
As evidenced by the last week's publications, Rep. Vic Kohring continues to have real difficulty understanding how and why the reapportionment board did its work. I would like to suggest two possibilities; first, he should look in a mirror, assuming his office/bedroom has one.

Dirty diesel poses unnecessary risks
Through an exemption in the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, Alaska is allowed to burn the dirtiest diesel fuel in the USA. Alaska's diesel fuel is six times more toxic, containing an unregulated 2,700 ppm average sulfur content, compared to 500 ppm in the Lower 48 and Canada.

Cruise industry helps Skagway thrive, Chip
Many of us here got a good laugh while reading Chip Thoma's March 13 letter to the editor. John Mielke is absolutely correct, Skagway has been able to thrive due, in part, to the cruise ship industry. Maybe Mr. Thoma's failed attempt to shill his way through Skagway's prosperity (driving a tour bus) has left him bitter and envious. The "tourist gold" doesn't litter our streets, you actually have to work for it!

Growing ice rink costs
Once again the people of Juneau And Douglas are being treated like a bunch of fools by our Assembly and by the various committees involved with the Douglas Ice Rink Project.

If it please the court
It is never a pleasure to dispute the bench, but there is one error in Larry Weeks' otherwise excellent article on Juneau's legal history and the display at the courthouse.

Support education with state funds
I wanted to express my general feeling of appreciation for the existence of the University of Alaska.

Toward creating a historical footnote
We can, as a community, make the urban bear-human garbage problem a historical footnote. All it will take is a little more education, a minimal amount of individual effort, a few bucks and some common sense.

What's good for the cruise lines
Three years ago, in the summer of 1999, the city fathers scuttled plans for creating more parking for tourist buses by decking over space at Marine Park. Plans for the project were scratched in the face of widespread opposition from the public.

Banner-waver could have written an essay or letter
Over the last several weeks I have read many letters and articles about the teenager who used the obscene sign at the Olympic games.

Truck flies across Egan, lands man in Lemon Creek
A man whose vehicle went airborne during the evening rush hour Friday, jumping from Egan Drive to Glacier Avenue, was charged with drunken driving after he was released from Bartlett Regional Hospital on Saturday afternoon.

Project tries to aid inmates' children
A new Alaska project aimed at helping children of prison inmates kicked off Friday. Catholic Community Service in Juneau is heading up the project.

Schools seek $1.5 million in added city funds
The Juneau School District has 2,000 computer workstations of all shapes, sizes, makes and models from the past decade - and just a handful of people to keep things running smoothly.

Students hope devil's club salve is winning remedy
Kami Wright and Amanda Padron already have learned how devil's club salve stands up to modern medicine. Now they'll put it to the test against the rest of the country.

Local briefs
UA offers trade show at Centennial Hall; Forest Service issues wood product grants

City passes lid law
The days are numbered for bear-attracting Dumpsters with plastic lids in Juneau. Under an ordinance unanimously approved by the Juneau Assembly on Monday, many of the city's large trash containers will need metal lids or secure enclosures. The new law is designed to keep bears out of problem Dumpsters with easily opened lids, City Manager Dave Palmer said.

Photo: Faster, faster
Katie Pollard, left, and Lea Skaggs follow Dennis Harris as he plows a trail on the ice at Twin Lakes on Saturday. Skaters took advantage of a weekend of clear skies and chilly weather to get out on the lakes. michael penn / the juneau empire

If I had a million dollars...
Give a Juneau kid a million dollars, and what will you get in return? If they're in Sue Baxter's class at Harborview Elementary School, it could be a youth shelter, a new Eaglecrest Ski Area chairlift or improved wheelchair access around town. Those were a few of the dozen ideas presented Monday by Baxter's fifth-grade advanced math class as the culmination of a project in which the students were given a fictional million dollars to spend to improve Juneau.

Police and Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Photo: Abandoned building fire
Firefighters put out a small fire about 6 p.m. Monday in an abandoned building at 340 Village St. Firefighters, concerned about the structural stability of the house, which also burn

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Saving Cinnamon
When animal control officials rescued Cinnamon in December, the horse was an emaciated, unwanted, one-eyed, 25-year-old oddity standing in a manure-filled stall. People heard of her story through the news media. For a while, everyone wanted Cinnamon. Offers from animal rescue leagues and animal lovers poured in to the Gastineau Humane Society, where Cinnamon was kept. Recently, offers have dwindled and the cost of Cinnamon's care is mounting. Humane Society officials said they may be unable to keep the mare much longer.

Ice rink price increases by $500,000
The Juneau Assembly accepted a $2 million bid for Juneau's first indoor ice rink Monday, but the city will have to find about $500,000 to cover increasing costs, officials said. The Assembly approved a $1,989,000 bid submitted by Coogan Construction to build the nearly 29,000-square-foot Treadwell Arena in Savikko Park in Douglas. But fluctuating costs drew fire from Assembly member Dale Anderson, who voted against the bid award.

Around Town
Listings of local nonprofit events.

My Turn: Knowles' spending increase is wrong
One of the classic maneuvers in budgetary politics is the "Washington Monument defense," in which bureaucrats urged to reduce expenses respond by targeting beloved icons of government, whose loss outrages citizens and motivates them to protest the cuts. It's a cynical dodge that's at the heart of the Knowles/Ulmer administration's response to Alaska's budget challenges.

Alaskans know the score
Legislators who continue to think that Alaskans don't believe the state budget crisis is real might have been surprised by the testimony received by the House Finance Committee this week on its proposed $2.2 billion operating budget.

Steamship Wharf/Marine Park project moves forward despite disinformation
Despite the efforts of Citizens Against Virtually Everything (C.A.V.E.) booster Kim Metcalfe Helmar, the Alaska Steamship Wharf/Marine Park project is moving forward.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Southeast Road Runners Flannagan's Run
Results from the Southeast Road Runners club's Flannagan's Run held Sunday in Douglas. There were two courses, for a one-mile race and a five-mile race.

Upsets alter state tournament brackets
A few upsets at regional tournaments around the state mean some unexpected teams will be competing this weekend at the Class 4A and Class 3A state basketball tournaments Thursday through Saturday at Anchorage's Sullivan Arena.

Miller, Schleper claim U.S. ski titles
Bode Miller was a little more cautious on the second run of a slalom this time, and it gave him a national championship. Miller capped his breakthrough season by winning the men's slalom at the U.S. Alpine Championships in a snowstorm Sunday.

Region V / Southeast Basketball Tournament Awards
A list of the special awards presented at the Region V / Southeast Basketball Tournament on Saturday night.

Juneau Golf Club Arizona Results
Results from a Juneau Golf Club-sponsored event held March 9 at the Francisco Grande Resort in Casa Grande, Ariz. The tournament is an annual travel event for Juneau Golf Club members and there were 102 participants.

Photo: Putting on a frozen sea
Brooke Scott of La Habra, Calif., putts the ball across artificial grass on the frozen Bering Sea on Saturday during the Bering Sea Ice Classic golf tournament, as a plywood sheep stands in the background.

Sports In Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Photo: Red Lantern record
Musher David Straub of Willow runs up the finish chute of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race on Sunday in Nome carrying the red lantern, identifying him as the last-place finisher in the race.

Gold Medal roster rules
Every year people all over Southeast Alaska look forward to the Gold Medal Tournament. This is one of the biggest event for Juneau.

Coed Volleyball
Standings from the Juneau Department of Parks and Recreation's 2002 coed volleyball league, through matches of March 17.

Barrow seal hunters rescued from sea ice
Rescuers used helicopters to pluck 18 seal hunters from islands of sea ice that broke away in the Arctic Ocean offshore from Barrow on Sunday afternoon.

House panel taps permanent fund earnings
Another state revenue ball got tossed in the air this morning as the House State Affairs Committee approved the use of $200 million annually from permanent fund earnings for government operations. But Senate President Rick Halford suggested shortly afterward that the proposal might be dead on arrival in that chamber.

Slow Alaska drivers could face higher fines
Driving too slowly could cost more than driving too fast under a bill that passed the state Senate on Monday. The Senate voted 17-1 in favor of a bill to increase the fine for drivers who have let five or more cars stack up behind them from $30 to $200.

Tenakee council boots VPSO
As of Friday, Tenakee Springs no longer has any local means of law enforcement because the city could not reach an agreement for a new contract with the Tlingit-Haida Central Council's Village Public Safety Officer program.

Legislators seek to increase their budgeting power
The Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday approved two constitutional amendments that would encroach on budgetary prerogatives of the executive branch. The committee also discussed a proposed constitutional amendment on taxes.

Swingley married in Nome after Iditarod
Montana musher Doug Swingley got married Sunday under the burled arch that marks the finish line of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Anchorage schools close as city tackles record snow
Schools were closed in Anchorage today as residents tried to dig out from under a record snowfall over the weekend. The storm caught the city by surprise, dumping 28.6 inches of snow for a new 24-hour record.

Ogan in critical care after heart attack
Rep. Scott Ogan remained in critical condition this morning after suffering a serious heart attack over the weekend at his Palmer home.

State briefs
Paintball shooters hit pedestrians; Kivalina school reopened; Wolf-hybrid alerts Fairbanks family; UA adjuncts approve contract

Alaska FBI office launches Web site
The FBI's Alaska field office has launched a presence on the Internet.

Company plans Anchorage staging area
A Chicago-based design firm has proposed building a $43 million air-cargo staging area on undeveloped land next to the FedEx hub at Anchorage's international airport.

Federal judge won't cite state in sex offender case
A federal judge decided Friday not to cite a state attorney for contempt of court over prosecution of the state's sex offender registration law.

House OKs budget, funds for subsistence
In a break from the normal legislative thrust-and-parry, House Democrats offered no amendments today to the Republican majority's proposed 2003 budget.

Ogan remains in critical condition
The House of Representatives held a moment of silent prayer on Monday for Rep. Scott Ogan, who remains in stable but critical condition today after suffering a heart attack Saturday at home.

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