Miners don't kill fish; fishermen do

Posted: Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Concerning Berners Bay and the Kensington Mine:

1) The mine is six miles inland from the bay.

2) The tailings are not toxic, chemically laced or poisonous, but certified to be inert.

3) Three glaciers feeding Berners Bay release tons of tailings into the bay each summer and fall, turning it muddy brown.

4) The various mineral deposits ground up into these tailings end up on the bottom of the bay, thus affecting all bottom fish.

5) By contrast, Kensington separates these concentrates from its tailings for future smelting.

6) Miners don't kill fish; fishermen kill fish.

7) Miners don't harm sea mammals or sea birds.

8) Miners don't pump sewage or oily bilge water into the ocean. They use land-based, certified containment, sewage and water systems.

9) For more than 110 years of mining in Southeast, there has never been a major environmental accident.

Miners enjoy seafood as much as fishermen enjoy having aluminum boats, iron engines, bronze props, steel cables, lead lines, copper pipes and stainless hardware. Let's not let the "enviros" pit and divide these two important and compatible industries against each other to further their own agenda.

Dave Werner


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