RESULTS: Juneau Gun Club Pacific International Trap Association match

Posted: Friday, March 19, 2010

The Juneau Gun Club held a Pacific International Trap Association three-event match Saturday, March 13.

The three events were singles (a single clay disc is thrown from the trap house, 16 yards from the shooter), doubles (two clay birds are thrown from the trap house at the same time, 16 yards from the shooter) and handicap (a single bird is throw from the trap house where the shooter is 20-23 yards, short yardage, or 24-28 yards from the trap house, long yardage).

Weather for the competition featured high morning winds for the double event and moderate winds for singles and handicap. The temperature was 35 degrees F during the morning hours and around freezing with rain and snow showers in the afternoon.

For the February, Amateur Trap Association event, held February 12, in moderate to freezing temperature with rain and snow showers.


EVENT 1 DOUBLES (7 shooters)

Class A winner: Jay Davis breaking 91/100 targets.

Class B winner: Dennis Travis breaking 68/100 targets.

EVENT 2 SINGLES (9 shooters)

Class A winner: Jay Davis breaking 96/100 targets

Class B winner: Mal Menzies breaking 95/100 targets, 2nd Bud Burnett, 88/100 targets

Class C winner: Dennis Travis breaking 86/100 targets, 2nd Robert Greg, 83/100 targets

EVENT 3 HANDICAP (9 shooters)

Long yardage (26 yds.): Jay Davis breaking 77/100 targets

Short yardage (21 yds.): Bud Burnett breaking 81/100 targets, 2nd Robert Greg breaking 78/100


Amateur Trap Association event

EVENT 1 DOUBLES (6 shooters)

B Class winner: Pete Hudson breaking 79/100 targets

C Class Winner: Bud Burnett breaking 72/100 targets.

EVENT 2 SINGLES (8 shooters)

Class A winner: Pete Hudson, breaking 97/100 targets, 2nd Hank Masters breaking 94/100

Class B winner: Bud Burnett, breaking 91/100 targets, 2nd Steve Bennett breaking 90/100

Class 3 winner: Robert Greg, breaking 91/100 targets, 2nd Craig Dahl breaking 88/100 targets

EVENT 3 HANDICAP (3 shooters)

Short yardage (20 yds.): Craig Dahl, breaking 45/50 targets.

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