Rockfish sport fishing regulations set for 2010

Posted: Friday, March 19, 2010

JUNEAU - The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced the non-pelagic rockfish bag, possession and the mandatory retention for the sport fishery during 2010. Nonresident angler annual limits of yelloweye rockfish have also been established for the 2010 season.

The regulations become effective at 12:01 a.m. on March 16.

• All non-pelagic rockfish caught must be retained until the daily bag limit is reached.

• The resident daily bag limit is three non-pelagic rockfish only one of which may be a yelloweye; possession limit of six fish, two of which may be yelloweye.

• The nonresident daily bag limit is two non-pelagic rockfish only one of which may be a yelloweye; possession limit of four fish, two of which may be yelloweye; with an annual limit of two yelloweye rockfish. Nonresident anglers must immediately record all yelloweye rockfish harvested, in ink, either on the back of their sport fishing license, or on a nontransferable harvest record.

• Charter operators and crew members may not retain non-pelagic rockfish while clients are on board the vessel.

These regulations apply in all marine waters of Southeast Alaska as a means to reduce total mortality, keep regulations consistent to avoid angler confusion and improve enforcement.

The Alaska Board of Fisheries established management provisions for a subgroup of non-pelagic rockfish (demersal shelf rockfish) to be imposed on the sport fishery for controlling harvest (5 AAC 47.065). The Board allocated 16 percent of the total allowable catch of demersal shelf rockfish to the sport fishery. The measures being imposed during 2010 are intended to limit harvest and total mortality within the sport allocation. Managers will continue to monitor sport harvest of non-pelagic rockfish and may take additional management actions necessary to keep the sport fishery within its allocation.

For further information, contact the nearest ADF&G office or visit:

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