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Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Title and firm: Patricia Magill Stevens, owner and real estate broker, Alaska Realty Network.

Services: "The concept is to create a network of independent brokers who cover their specific geographical areas of Alaska," Stevens said. "So, if people are moving within the state, we can refer them on."

The network will embrace 10 brokers. "Our theme is excellence in real estate. The whole idea is a sphere of independent brokers who can work out of their homes. All will be seasoned brokers or associate brokers. Public service is the whole focus of the network - bringing the best to the customer and client," Stevens said.

Background: All of Stevens' experience is in Southeast, except for time with Re/Max in Anchorage from 1993-95.

"My specialty in the last 10 years has been residential new construction," she said. "After 14 years in the business, customer service goes far beyond making a commission to me. My business is based on referrals; people come back to me. And I couldn't do what I do without that base. Customers follow me wherever I am. I find it very humbling, actually."

Notable: Stevens is a "water rat" who loves fishing. She is also a hiker, traveler, photographer and poet. "I am one of those mood poets that sits down and writes something and then puts it in a drawer or sends it to a friend." She's also a rock hound, a taste she inherited from her late father, prospector/geologist Fred Magill. Her mother, Enid Magill, runs Fort Magill Trailer Park in Petersburg. Stevens' grandson, Tyler Zimmerman-Casperson, 12, lives in Fairbanks.

Family: Stevens, a fourth-generation Alaskan, is a single mother with four adult daughters and a 9-year-old son, Seth. Her daughters are Dana Zimmerman of Fairbanks; Kari Huffman of Shelter Island; Bonnie Johnston of Juneau; and Sharla Zimmerman of Anchorage.

"Seth is my 'bonus boy.' He calls me his 'partner,' " she said.

Contact: Stevens prefers that she be e-mailed at alaskarealtynet@aol or phoned at 789-1945. Customers can also go to her Web site,, which carries all of Alaska's multiple listings. Browsers seeking a new home should feel free to download and copy listings, she said.

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