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Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2001

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I would like to thank Shorty Tonsgard and the Channel Construction crew for the great job they are doing disposing of scrap metal from Juneau and other Southeast Alaska communities. All of the cars, refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, etc. we use and eventually discard have to be disposed of somehow, and Channel is doing a task most of us could never do ourselves. This scrap metal will be recycled, and disposing of it helps keep Southeast Alaska beautiful. Thanks Channel!

Mel Seibel

I and the many Mt. Edgecumbe alumni would like to congratulate the Mt. Edgecumbe girls basketball team for winning the 3A Championship and the Southeast Championship. Thank you Juneau Empire for the coverage in the Sunday paper. Wish our team the best of luck at the State Championship.

Frank O. Williams Jr.

Last night's article about flightseeing mediation failed to mention that one of the factors which contributed to the recommendation was the fact that the city and borough itself chose not to participate.

Ray Preston

I am a Marine Corps Desert Storm veteran. My friend, a Vietnam veteran, needed to fly south with serious medical complications. Since he could not travel alone, his wife needed to fly with him. I have a pre-paid ticket with Alaska Airlines that was not being used anytime soon so I offered it to my friend's wife so she could travel with her husband. I pleaded with Alaska Airlines, explained the need of my fellow veteran to be accompanied by his spouse and even offered to pay a fee if necessary for this change. The airline refused. I think it's very un-Alaskan of Alaska Airlines. Sometimes they help with a need like this and other times they won't. What difference does it make who sits in the seat?

John Baker

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