Business profile: Heidi Glasen

Posted: Thursday, March 20, 2003

Title and company: Owner, The Scrapbook Shop

Services: Scrapbooking, or "cropping," as some hobbyists call it, has surged in popularity across America in recent years, and Juneau has been no exception to that trend, Glasen said.

"Scrapbooking isn't just something that big cities do," Glasen said. "Everyone has a box of photographs or boxes upon boxes of photographs that they want to put in an album."

The Scrapbook Shop sells everything a person could need to preserve memories and record landmark events, including paper albums, stickers, tools, eyelets, letters, adhesives, archival sprays, buttons and pens, Glasen said.

The material needed to begin scrapbooking from scratch - including the album, straight-cutting scissors, photo adhesive and extra paper - costs around $50 to $75, Glasen said. The result will be a scrapbook of "archival quality."

"The idea behind it is that it could last forever," she said.

Though the actual life of a scrapbook depends on how hard a scrapbooker works to keep the pages acid-free, the books "should last for an extremely long time, our lifetime and beyond," Glasen said.

In addition to providing the materials to assemble high-quality scrapbooks, The Scrapbook Shop offers a work space.

"We have a huge workshop that people are welcome to come in and use when we're not offering classes," Glasen said. The workshop is the site of a weekly "crop night" from 5 to 11 p.m. Fridays. About nine to 18 people of all ages show up for the crop nights.

"Everyone is so nice and everyone is so helpful," Glasen said. "If you get stumped on a project, they get you going. It really is one of those things where people just visit a lot. ... It's a social outing."

Though the crop nights are free, The Scrapbook Shop benefits from them because when scrappers need new paper, more glue or a special label, Glasen is there to sell it to them.

Glasen will teach a basic scrapbooking class at her workshop in April. The two-hour course will consist of about an hour of instruction and then time for students to get started on their own projects with her help, she said.

"Once you have the basics down, you can pretty much do any of the advanced things," she said.

Scrapbooks vary greatly in their style, Glasen said.

"There's such a wide variety you can take in one book," she said. "Really what you do is you cater to your photos. If you're in Texas on vacation you can have a ranch theme, then turn the page and be in Seattle and have a northwest fishing theme going on."

Biographical information: Glasen was born and raised in Juneau, the granddaughter of Herman Rosenberger. She graduated from Juneau-Douglas High School in 1989 and earned an associate's degree of arts from the University of Alaska Southeast. She sold insurance for three different State Farm Insurance agents in Juneau before opening her scrapbook shop on Nov. 1, 2002.

Family: Glasen lives in Juneau with her son Jacob, 9, and daughter Lynnea, 8.

Quotable: "In scrapbooking, everyone thinks you have to be real creative. And you can be, but you can also be not real creative and still have your pages come out really cool," Glasen said.

Contact information: The Scrapbook Shop is in the Mendenhall Center. The phone number is 586-1651.

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