Fluoride poisons water; use toothpaste instead

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, March 21, 2004

I was saddened by your opinion of Wednesday March 17, 2004, where you ask to reinstate the addition of fluoride to our drinking water. You obviously have not checked the latest updates to the information available on the Internet regarding the opposing side of this issue.

Your quoting the CDC report saying "an effective delivery method is drinking water" is fine - it is also effective at delivering any drug or poison for that matter. If you just search the web using google.com and type in fluoride poisoning you will discover a world of research up to date and very alarming.

Your comment that the "city should find other ways to address pollution" should read "concerned parents should find other ways to administer fluoride to their children," such as toothpaste. This adds adequate amounts of fluoride to teeth; we don't need to add even more to our community water at the risk of side effects to the general population (especially older folks) including symptoms of osteoporosis, arthritis and bone fractures.

The best way of using the chemical is applying it topically, (on the surface) like what happens when you brush your teeth with toothpaste. Drinking it is not as effective and brings on the side effects many people have experienced in many cities and countries that have banned the fluoridation of their water that did their homework and discovered the truth about this chemical and it's effects.

Simply parroting the largely believed status of fluoridating water being good without checking the facts is perpetuating the mass medicating of citizens by government. Did you know the WWII concentration camps regularly used fluoride in the water to calm and tranquilize the prisoners? Fluoride is what they use to make Prozac.

Whitehorse, Ketchikan and Kodiak are among the cities rejecting fluoridation after checking the "other side" of the issue. Juneau needs to check the other side as well, and we will do the right thing too. The poisonous fluoride our water department is using contains only 98 percent fluoride. The other two percent includes arsenic and lead. Let's eliminate adding additional pollution (including arsenic) to our pure mountain drinking water. Remember, arsenic is absorbed through the skin and it's notorious for causing prostate cancer.

We cannot be expected to bathe and shower with bottled water. Keep our water pure and chemical-free as possible. Buy toothpaste containing fluoride if you want it but give the general population the option of not having it in our drinking and bathing water.

Larry Buzzell


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